Welcome to SACEC 2021 Congress

SACEC 2021 aims to bring engineers and scientists from around the world together to create real-world solutions to global issues.

The 21st century is likely to be the most profound for humankind. As we hurtle forward, there are clear signs that never before have we had so much impact on our planet. As engineers and scientists our contribution to that impact is more pronounced than average. Our theme for this congress, Entering the Anthropocene, provides a forum to consider the possibilities of this century.

How will we utilise our skills in the Anthropocene period, to continue to improve the lives of all, whilst being cognisant of and reducing our impact? We will find out at SACEC 2021 which will be held at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Benefits of attending and what can be expected

Delegates will benefit from the opportunity to engage with peers at a professional forum in order to further their knowledge and understanding of their professional field. The congress will be CPD accredited.

Presenters who are invited to submit full papers which are accepted for publication will have their work published in the congress proceedings.  The proceedings are fully peer-reviewed and have an ISSN, and will conform to all DOHET requirements for accreditation.

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Saturday 29 June 2019

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Sunday 30 June 2019

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Sunday 30 June 2019

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Tuesday 30 June 2020

Congress Schedule

Congress Day 1
Wednesday 1 July 2020

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Thursday 2 July 2020

Congress Schedule

Congress Day 3
Friday 3 July 2020
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